Property Tax


Property Tax is one of the main sources of revenue for the ULB. Residential and Non-residential (Comme-rcial) properties, situated within the limits of ULB, are assessed for tax. Based on such assessments, taxes are levied on the property owners. The information regarding all the new constructions, existing construction and modifications to the property, if any, are be provided by the Town Planning Department for making necessary changes to tax assessment. The citizen has to register with the urban local body for taxation and assessments are made based on the physical dimensions of the property and other parameters to assess the taxes to the citizen.

The Revenue section of the ULB/Municipal body is responsible for administration of property taxation for that Respective ULB. Property tax is assessed for each property located in the limits of the ULB based on the Annual Rental Value and the Taxation rate. The Annual Rental Value of a property is calculated based on parameters like Plinth area, zonal location of the property, Residential/Non-residential status, age of the property, type of construction and other parameters applicable to specific situations. The Town planning section of the ULB provides all the details of the property with reference to its physical status and modifications.

Procedures of New Property Tax

  • Application form (Full Detailed Address with Contact Mobile Number)
  • Registered Document / Pata issued by Thasildhar with attestation.
  • Building Plan approved copy with attestation.
  • Photo of the Building.
  • Self Assessment form along with occupancy certificate.

Note: After the fixation of Property Tax, Door No & Assessment No will be allotted. The tax Payer should display the Plot No., H.No., Assessment No., & Name of Locality on the Door.

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