Smart Cities in mckarimnagar

About the Smart Cities Mission

The Smart Cities Mission is a Centrally Sponsored Program under the Ministry of Urban Development Government of India. Under this Mission, the Government of India plans to support cities with an outlay of Rs. 50,000 crore (or Rs. 500 crore per city) with a matching grant from State Governments/Urban Local Bodies. Its duration will be five years from 2015-16 to 2019-20.

Under this scheme, 33 cities have already been shortlisted after Round I which involved short listing of 20 best cities and Fast-track round involved short listing of 13 cities. Another set of 27 cities will be shortlisted by September as the result of the Round II which culminated in June 2016.

Karimnagar has been selected as a smart city and is all ready to participate in the Smart City Mission in which the city has to prepare and submit a Smart City Proposal (SCP).

As per the Smart City Mission guidelines, the SCP consists of three parts. Firstly, a baseline assessment of the city is undertaken to appraise on where the city stands today in terms of its institutional, physical, social & economic infrastructure and operational & administrative efficiency. This is followed by second part which is formulation of a Strategic Vision that would shape a preferred future of the city and define goals in terms of where the city wants to be in next 5,10 or 20 years. The third part of the SCP would be identifying and preparing a proposal for Area-based Development for a selected area within the city and suggest a Pan City Smart solution.

On this regard, the views and suggestions of the citizens are very critical and important. Participate here and on various forums (links given below) and share ideas and thoughts in the below areas:

  1. Key sectors that you want MCK to improve – e.g. water supply, Sanitation, waste management, traffic and transportation, energy, education, health services, recreational spaces, etc.
  2. Priority area that require smart solution and your ideas on smart solution- e.g. free CCTV surveillance, smart metering, smart parking, intelligent transport system, etc.


Karminagar SmartCity proposal submitted to Government of India



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